BE Relaxed Massages

As business professionals, I’m sure we can all relate when we say that by Friday we are BEAT! The week has taken its toll on us, and we are mentally and physically drained. 


But there are a few surefire ways to combat stress and exhaustion, and getting regular massages can really help!


There are quite a few effects of massage that are beneficial to business professionals, such as reducing pain and boosting the immune system, sparking creative ideas, increasing productivity, aiding in better sleep, and reducing stress. 



We don’t need any extra excuses to get a massage around here!


Thursday, July 25th, starting at 3pm

30-minute massage with Emilee

$20 for all Bottega Members

$40 for Non-Members

The event will be hosted at The Bottega Exchange but is open to the entire Las Vegas community. Give us a call at 702-460-6265 for more details.


We look forward to seeing you there!

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